Tuesday, May 29, 2007

BooHoo Ramblers Monday June 4th at Blind Willie's

Maybe. . . I'll retract and correct if this turns out to be wrong. Otherwise, music starts at 9:30 on North Highland Ave.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Boccelism.com Is Up And Running

Boccelism.com, the official site for all things boccelism, is now online!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Boccelism.com is coming soon!

Work is continuing apace behind the scenes in preparation of the coming launch of Boccelism.com. The new site will be home to a host of boccelism information, links, and whatnot, and will include a major section dedicated to the American Boccelism Association. Watch this space for an announcement of an official Launch Date.

Opening Day Excitement

(crossposted at boccelism.com)

The Edgewood-Kirkwood, Atlanta Chapter (ABA South Region) celebrated Opening Day of the 2007 Regular Season on April 21st at the Montgomery Street Tossing Grounds. The festivities included the introduction of an electronic scoreboard and a splashy debut by rookie tosser Mr. Jeff Gates.

Tossing began as Judge Durrett declared "Case On" from the chair, with Mr. Rex Batson challenging the newcomer Gates. Mr. Gates swung the momentum in his favor with a devastating boc in the fourth quarry of the first dalrymple, and never looked back while coasting to a 29-19 victory.

In other action, former South Region Governor Mr. Tom Pittard returned to the fray after a long absence from the grounds, but showed no sign of rust as he demolished Mr. Tom Durrett 36-16. Lopsided scores were the theme of the day as "Thunderball" Mr. Todd Leopold lowered the wood on Mr. Frank Schultz 36-19. Mr. Schultz licked his wounds and recovered in time to school the rookie while posting the high score of the day in a 37-17 dismantling of Mr. Gates.

After a hiatus in play, EKA Chapter President and South Region Governor Mr. Lee Wilkins took on Mr. Durrett; tossing under the lights and under the influence resulted in a lower-scoring, but closer duel, with Mr. Wilkins eeking out a 21-17 win and bringing Opening Day's competition to a close.