Friday, November 2, 2007

EKA Chapter Championship

The 2007 Regular Season has come to an end, with the top eight players qualifying for the Chapter Championship, currently scheduled for Sunday, November 11th. Here are the contenders for this year's title:

1. Jeff Gates - 18 Tournament Pts.
2. Stephen Priest - 15 Tournament Pts.
3. Frank Schultz - 12 Tournament Pts.
4. Angus Guberman - 8 Tournament Pts.
5. Dave Altherr - 7.5 Tournament Pts.
6. Lee Wilkins - 5.5 Tournament Pts.
7. Tom Pittard - 3.0 Tournament Pts. (37.2 Scoring Avg.)
8. Todd Leopold - 3.0 Tournament Pts. (31.5 Scoring Avg.)

The Championship is a single-elimination event, so the first round matches would be Guberman v. Altherr, Schultz v. Wilkins, Priest v. Pittard, and Gates v. Leopold.

In the event that any of the top eight seeds withdraw, alternates will be invited to fill out the bracket, with the seeding adjusted accordingly. The alternate list is as follows:

A1. Conner Allred
A2. Gus Glaw
A3. Rex Batson
A4. Chris Rijo
A5. Missy Pollack
A6. Shelly Curson
A7. Guillermo Palermo
A8. Tass Harper
A9. Tom Durrett
A10. Brady

Alternates may not "reserve" a bracket slot if early withdrawals are announced, but must be present and ready to toss at case time.