Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jeff Gates Memorial Tournament Results

Here's a quick rundown of the scores from the 2nd Annual Jeff Gates Memorial Tournament held Sunday, July 19th. The first two rounds were 4-dalrymple Lightning Cases and the semi-final matches were Regulation Cases.

The Tournament Championship was originally scheduled to be a Regulation Case, but due to time constraints Mr. Gerhard ("Brady") proposed and Mr. Wilkins graciously accepted that the Final be shortened to a Lightning Case, preventing what would have been an unfortunate withdrawal and winner by default.

First Round

Brian Schechterle 8 Alec Feldman 7
Lee Wilkins 17 Hilary Wagner 8
Brady 4 Amy Wallace 1
Katie Wyman 11 Rex Batson 7

Note: Gus Glaw, Todd Leopold, Frank Schultz, and Donald Kjorlien drew First Round byes.

Second Round

Leopold 17 Wyman 9
Schechterle 21 Schultz 16
Brady 20 Kjorlien 12
Wilkins 16 Glaw 11


Wilkins 38 Leopold 19
Brady 34 Schechterle 17


Brady 13 Wilkins 12